Monday, June 10, 2013

May 18th - Filling the Holes Like Cavities

OKAY - It only took me two hours to upload these pictures. WOOT! :D
This is May 18th, the day after Heidelberg castle. About.... 3 weeks ago ;)
Debby and Dennie decided to show us another, smaller, castle! But first, Talia and I went on a walk, in search of the beautiful Muckenloch cemetery.

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day. This is a picture of Muckenloch from the kitchen window.

We found a lonely cow on the way.

And then a scary looking forest. We debated whether or not to go in...

I'm glad we did, because just past the scary forest was this lovely glade!

We never actually found the cemetery, so we turned back to the big scary forest.

There were a couple of soccer games going on just outside my aunt and uncle's neighborhood.

 AND THEN - we went on another cool castle CALAMITY. That makes no sense. But that's okay.
On the short walk to the castle, we came across this.. If you could see it better, you would notice two dead snakes lying closely together. One is biting the other snakes head. My conclusion is this - dead snake #1 annoyed dead snake #2. Dead snake #2 was plagued with hunger, as well as an acute mental issue known as cannibolsnakism, very rare. So, dead snake #2 tried to bite dead snake #1's head off. BUT, after killing dead snake #1's head, the flavor was too much to handle. So, you can obviously guess that he died of taste bud failure. Maybe you can more obviously guess how little sleep I've gotten in the past few days.....

Castle clock!

There was an awesome tower that lead to the paths along the upper wall

View from the stair case leading up to the wall

Another window from the stair case

Half of  tower

This was the breath taking view of the valley surrounding the castle ^v

Staircase leading up to the wall

THUMBS UP! It was a successful tour :D ... My thumb looks really long. O.o

We decided to go to the Pippifox cafe for ice cream, and set out on the cobblestone path back to the village.

A wedding party was having their reception in a nearby restaurant while we were touring the town

Milk shakes at Pippifox. Omnomnomnom :3

I think Talia might have been a little too excited for her milkshake...

I'm not quite sure why she took so many pictures of her milkshake, other than trying to get an odd expression from me in the background

This is my first European crepe! It was delicious. It had salmon in it. And horse radish. It was just plain taste-bud changing!

This is Talia's crepe! She got a ham and cheese one. ;)

.... Talia went a lil crazy with the pictures...

The grandparents decided tot ake the scenic route back to Muckenloch.  These were the stairs leading to the forest trails

Can you see the monkey?

A the end of the trail, we found the lock and dam, and crossed. It was an interesting thought knowing that the only thing separating me from a long drop was wire mesh. Sorry all these photo's are greenish. I forgot to change the setting on my camera!

Talia and I found an awesome spot on the pavement for shadow pictures when we crossed the dam. ;)
 When we were finished with our hike, Dennie came and picked us up and we drove back to Neckergamund. It was a tiring day, and the grandparents and Talia were pretty tired. I was... in between. I mean, I could have taken a nap. But I decided to accompany Debby, Emily and Ana for Ana's prom pictures. Yep, it was prom day. ;) Ana had the most beautiful dress on! So, you can imagine, I took tons of pictures of her.

 The sun was shining, it wasn't too warm. It was perfect for picture taking. I was glad that I tagged along!
Anyway, after I came home, I sat back and relaxed for the rest of the day. Talia took the camera back into her possession and took random pictures of me doing things. :P
Writing a postcard to my family

Ready for bed, and updating my blog!
All in all, May 18th was a pretty good day. :)
At the moment, I'm about 35 hours from being home in Minnesota. Yeah, I counted. :P I'm sad to leave, but also super excited to see my family and friends whom I haven't seen in 4 WHOLE WEEKS!
Talia left on Friday, so I'm all alone with no one here beside me. :( I'm missing her like crazy!
Anyway, y'all won't read this for another 7 hours or so, seeing as you're all asleep.
This will be my last post in Europe! I didn't have enough time to upload all of my pictures from May 19th, so I guess you'll have to wait 35 hours for the rest!
Can't wait to be home :D