Saturday, August 24, 2013

May 19th - 20th

Why, hello there! Long time no posts, right? Yeah, you're all probably mad that I left you on yet another cliff hanger. Or... Maybe not. :P I have FINALLY been able to download all of my pictures from May onto my desktop, and have successfully edited May 19th and 20th, so that I may share them on my blog. Woot!
Seeing as I haven't exactly posted recently, I suggest you review my past post if you can't remember where I was last. Even I had to go back and review!
Sorry about some of the blurry pictures in the last couple of posts, they weren't actually taken blurry, but I brought down the pixel quality in each picture, making it appear to be blurry. I wish I'd done a better job. :P
Ah well, I'm going to try and download all the full-sized ones on to Facebook....... Later..... ;)
Anywho, onto the pictures!

This is the last of Heidelberg that I would see until after Denmark, Sweden, and Berlin...

This is the church that we attended the morning that we left for Kiel, Germany.

We stopped to get some Doner Kebab's after church

... I got pizza... ;)

We were finally on the road!

We arrived at a Youth Hostel just in time for dinner

They had FISH. FINGERS. It was awesome. 
Breakfast the next morning wasn't anything too special, but they had cereal that I almost NEVER get to eat, so I was happy. ;)

We were able to spend a little time exploring the Hostel before we left. 

This was a stump near the volleyball court up and behind the Hostel. I guess it was a pretty cool stump. :P

There were lots of canola fields all over Germany. The time in which we arrived in Europe was the perfect season for catching pictures of the plants in full bloom.

On the road again. ;)

After a long road trip, we finally arrived in Kiel!

When we arrived in Kiel to visit Marlen, she took us to the coast for some sight seeing.

Kiel is the home of Olympic sailboat racing

After we had seen the coast, Marlen dropped my grandparents off at a hotel that she had reserved for them, and told them that they didn't have to come back to her house until dinner.

Talia, Marlen, and I walked home.

It was starting to get a littler dim outside by the time we got back.

Marlen gave us her bedroom. It was BEAUTIFUL!

At this point, we had eaten dinner and were ready to go to bed. However, we ended up staying up for another creating picture movies... I'm not quite sure if you would be able to enjoy it if I put each picture below each other instead of being able to flip through them, so I won't post them just yet. But I'll tell you now, Talia and I had the best time making them. ;)

And that is May 19-20th!
I start school this Monday :( Algebra-2, Biology, Honors US History, Honors English and German-2A are all waiting to be checked off. I'm sad that the summer is over, but exciting for my second year of High School! I can't wait to see what adventures, papers, portfolios, and knowledge I'll have this year!
But, now that all my summer business is over, I'll start posting more pictures again. Hopefully I will have covered all of May by next weekend!
See y'all later :D