Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Busy Week

It's funny how a whole week can turn completely upside down when you go to bed after 11 every night and wake up at 5 each morning. Six hours of sleep is not nearly enough to keep my brain happy. That is fo' sho'. Anywho- these pictures are a brief summary of what I did this week.
1. I had a yearly check-up on Thursday. It was no more than usual, except that I had my blood tested. It's all good. I'm not dying'.
2. Woke up on Friday to -snow-. In the middle of APRIL. SNOW.
3. Later that day I decided to color while waiting for my Perkin's lunch.
4. Decided that it was a crime that my sister had such long, thick hair and let it hang loose, or sit in a braid all day. She liked the improvement.
5. Looked at cool quotes and picked this as my favorite.

I also sat and thought deep things pertaining to a book discussion I'm having with a good friend of mine about 'Problem of Pain' by C. S. Lewis.
Today, I am helping my mom make Thai, Italian, and Chinese dishes for a potluck on Sunday.
All in all, it's been a good week. A good -upside down- week. I hope yours was equally hectic- nah. I hope yours was everything you hoped it to be.