Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Portfolio

I'm Maddy. This is a portfolio of all the pictures in which I am most proud of that I think depict a little bit of who I am. As you can see, I'm a nature girl... With a little bit of 'other' mixed in there. I love to catch moments of time and memory. Since this is my first post I couldn't figure out how to situate the photo's the way I wanted to, so the timeline is a bit messed up. Enjoy!

Spring 2011: Blooming cherry tree 
Spring 2012: Easter afternoon smoke bombs
Fall 2012: Snow flake looking branch
Fall 2012: Hike up the hill
Fall 2012: Sunset between the trees

Spring 2011: Full moon and pink sunset

Summer 2011: The T, the road leading away from my house

Winter 2011: My designed smiley shoes :)
Winter 2012: Christmas Tree Hunting
Spring 2013: First hike of the new year.... In the snow.
Spring 2013: Easter afternoon smoke bombs
Spring 2013: Spring flooding
Spring 2013: Sleeve face