Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week #2

This week, being nothing more than normal, has been.. well.. Normal. I did my school like a good student, stressed like an average teenager, crammed in extra reading like any bookworm, and talked to my friends throughout the week. I have once again realized that the ratio of schoolwork that I have left and time until Germany is increasingly worrying me. Less than a month. How am I gonna finish in time? AAH!!! I mean, I'm 84% complete with all my studies for this year, with only Geometry, German, Honors English, and Honors World History left - all if which I am at least 60% done with. But the looming papers have started to look like Gandolf when he gets angry. I'm scared. o.o
Anywho, these pictures are what I did this week:

Found out on Instagram that I'm someone's reason to smile :'D
Let my sister use my iPod... And noticed her taking pictures of me...

Made M&M pictures at Youth Group with all muh buddies :D
Description: A bloody man standing on the back of an arrow lizard
who just happens to be licking the eyebrow of a very smiley man.
Drew a meaningful picture
Had a picture taken of me. I look old... O.o
Made baklava with my mom :) But... I couldn't eat it. :(
Apart from the pictures, I also had a book discussion with a good friend and played at a piano recital on Friday. Now that you have a random, short summary of my week. GO MIND YOUR OWN BEEZWAX! Bye ^_^
Wow. I had to re-edit this post four times before I found all of my mistakes. *facepalm*