Monday, April 29, 2013

Week #3

This week was full of progress. Guess what guys? I finished German 1. NO MORE LANGUAGE FOR ANOTHER FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS. Well, in school anyway. I'll be using my German skillz in Europe pretty soon here. Just two more weeks until Germany! This week (or... last week, considering that it's Monday - even though yesterday would also be considered part of this week) was full of sunshine and happiness, with a few snowy days mixed in.
April 23: Stop the Silence Day - being a Whovian, I  joined the cause.
There's nothing very significant about this picture. I saw it on G+

This was an encouragement to me this week, so I saved it onto my Photo Stream. 
As you already know, I finished GERMAN  :D  This is one of the  hundreds of pages of notes that I wrote all year.

I came upstairs to find this beautiful sun shining through my window. It's blinding me at the moment, so I had to take a picture of course.

And so we come to the final picture. At church yesterday, Todd (one of our many speakers) brought this verse up in his sermon. This verse puzzles me to the very end, as I cannot grasp my head around the entirety of its meaning. Did God predestine us to disobey him? Or, when we did disobey God, did he bind us to disobedience forever so that he could show us his love and mercy? I have no idea. I'd love some other perspectives on this.
Anywho, this week's post is pretty boring. I didn't have a lot of time to take any cool pictures about what I did, which included getting wet, spotting three beavers, watching my cousin run in a track meet, and DIYing my Sunday outfit! Next week will be better, I promise.