Monday, May 6, 2013

Week #4

This week, or shall I shall I say LAST week, was in fact one of the weirdest weeks I've had in a long time. I wasn't able to capture a great picture of the 80 degree weather that Winona had on Monday, April 29th. But, however, I had drawn a picture of it.

My sister Abigail and I played outside in the sun for hours, enjoying the sun warm heat waves on our backs and faces. It was glorious! Even the sun seemed to be smiling :D Although, it looks like he's about to swallow both Abby and me whole. Then... It came back. 
Just 36 hours after the (I repeat) 80. degree. weather. there was a foot of snow on the ground. IT WAS SO DEVASTATING. My family was overcome with a deep sorrow. Will winter never relinquish it's cold grip on our beautiful spring? It snowed in MAY! And there was snow covering the ground until May 5th. ... And that pretty much sums up the oddity of my week, I guess. However, there was still more excitement to be had! 
As of Saturday morning, Honors World History class has been completed, and I am now 98% done with all my schoolwork for the rest of the year (soon to be 99%). Only two subjects left to conquer!

This is a summary of my week that fills in the blanks:
April 29th: I added some effects to my picture of the son, and made it colorful :D

April 30th: Did another 'makeover' on Abby's hair. It's so long and thick, it's hard not too style it! 

May 1st: Was finally able to take a picture of the snow before it all melted away. I wish I had been able to capture it at its worst.
May 4th: Made my best dessert yet. SAMOAS!  Being my first try, it was harder than expected as the topping is very sticky, and hard to put on top of the shortbread cookie foundation. But, it was fun just the same. I'm happy to say that I have at least 4 dozen beautiful samoas sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten. 

May 5th: Decided to take a picture of Abby's Sunday 'outfit'. I might do this every week. We can get pretty crazy when it comes to clothing sometimes... 

May 5th: This is my 'outfit'! A bit bland, but perfect for the sunny weather that greeted me on Sunday morning.

May 5th: Alas, a picture of my brother, Merritt, and our awesome friend Danielle outside of the church building.  
And that was my week... Minus the last day of gym class on Friday. Now I have nothing to do on Fridays! :( Aside from that, I had a bible discussion, on Romans 8, that same day with my friend Bryan. :D
I'll post once more before I leave for Germany. And then, let the posts continue in EUROPE.