Friday, May 17, 2013

Da Piktrz - Chapter 3...

Hi all! I finally found a computer that will upload pictures onto my blog! Here is a summary of the first two days of my journey to Germany...

This is a highway towards Rochester, MN.

Still fascinated by this awesome new toy, I began experimenting with the aperture value on the camera.

I caught grandpa sleeping. Teehee ^_^

We arrived in Bloomington and checked into the Super 8 hotel. I had my own bed for two hours. Yay!
In between, I had forgotten to bring my camera in, so I didn't take any pictures of Talia arriving. :(

Grandma and grandpa waiting for the shuttle bus to pack up and leave for the airport the next morning.

Found this in the Minneapolis Airport Mall while we were eating up time until the plane took off.

Concourse F, gate F10!

Saw advertisements like this all over the airport. I don't want to be a vegetable. :(
I ordered a White Chocolate and Raspberry Mocha. Omnomnom :3

Talia and I decided to play cards!

And finally........ The takeoff....

I always loved being above the clouds in planes... :)
Alas, in the Detroit Airport, waiting for the plane to start boarding.

About 7 hours later... My grandpa took this picture for me. We were about 20 minutes from the shore!

After getting off the plane, I really had nothing to declare. I was too tired. o.o

Aunt Debbie was there to greet us! :)

Ye old Volkswagen B-)

After grabbing some pastries, Aunt Debbie took us to an old Air-force museum. We left about 2 minutes later. No parking :(

Canola fields. Who knew Canola grew as flowers. O.o

Talia... Trying to stay awake.

And finally.... MY FIRST CITE! This is a very interesting building built with no window exactly the same. They were all individually, and specially, made!

Sidewalk connected to the building.

Tunnel... Connected to the building...

On the road to Neckergamund, where my aunt and uncle live.

Yes, yes, I know y'all were probably expecting a ton of awesome buildings and all that. But sadly, my internet did not cooperate very well with the pictures, so I could only upload these ones for now. More pictures of cites I have seen in the past two days TOMORROW... I promise. :) 
If you can't wait until tomorrow morning, then go visit my cousins blog! She managed to upload hers and some more of mine!
Miss y'all!