Thursday, May 16, 2013


OKAY so I completely forgot that I was going to leave some notes for some of my friends on here. If you're on this blog and you're looking for the summary of Germany that I wrote earlier this morning - look for the 'Germany!' post on the right hand side and be prepared to read a book.
Anna- I MISS YOU SO MUCH. THIS IS THE LONGEST TIME I'VE SPENT WITHOUT TALKING TO YOU SINCE.... I can't remember. O.o I hope you get my letter later today! I'm writing you another one. <3<3<3
Davia- pretty much what I just said to Anna. I MISS TALKING TO YOU :( I'm sending you a letter too, as soon as you can give me one. :D I love you so much. <3<3<3
Allison- Girl, there's a piano here. I'm playin it to death. I love and miss you :( <3
Danielle- Ask Merritt about the purple envelope, if he hasn't already given it to you. 
And to everyone else- Happy Thursday! :)