Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello from Denmark!

'Ello! I am, at the moment, sitting in a very nice Youth Hostel in a town in Denmark (or Danmark) that is quite unpronounceable, so I won't even bother trying to spell it out, haha! The last couple of days have been a very exciting time, as I met 17 new relatives that live in Asa (Oh-sa) Sweden, whom I never new existed before this trip. It was a lot of fun getting a family history lesson this weekend, and I learned that they are my second cousins twice/three times removed. It's a very confusing business. O.o I know you all are probably waiting eagerly to see pictures of my European excursion, but alas, I don't have time to wait for all my pictures to upload tonight. :( Something is wrong with this computer... or the internet... or both. >.<
ANYWAY, onto the summary of the weekend I have spent with my Swedish relatives, and a little bit before that.
So, on Wednesday, we were nicely settled in a DanHostel (Denmark Youth Hostel), right next to the Summer Castle that the Denmark royalty stay in over the summer. It was very cool! Once all our things were put in our room, we went out to eat 'Under the Crown', which was a very small restaurant but made up for it in the deliciousness of the food that we at. I'm continuously blown away by the cooking on this continent. What new food will surprise me next?! After eating, we pretty much went to bed. The next morning, we ate breakfast at the hostel, we did something which I can't remember......... And then we went to visit Fin and Bente Linhard, a very nice couple that my grandpa stayed with 24 year ago when he was in Denmark on a teaching mission. They came out to meet us at the door and said hello. Fin was going to sow us around the city, and Bente was going to stay home and cook dinner for us. We all got in the car and went on to our next exciting experience in Denmark! First we went to the house of the lady who wrote the book 'Out of Africa' (which was later turned into a movie, which I believe is one of your favorites, Dad). There was an English tour, and we got to walk through her Denmark house and see how she kept her house and the paintings she had. It's interesting, when she came to live in her Denmark house (AFTER Africa), the curtains were far too long for the windows and splayed across the floor in an odd fashion. However, even though the rest of the house wanted them to be cut, Kathryn (I believe that was her name), kept them long and desplayed them in a new fashion. Talk about originality! Anyway, we also walked around on the trails that splayed across the land that her house sat on, visited her grave, and took pictures of tons of randomly placed, colorful, birdhouses. I plan on making a collage out of all the pictures I took of them.
After we left the house, we considered driving straight to Hamlet's Castle (which was the only ACTUALLY planned thing in our day), or taking a detour to a Modern Art Museum, which Fin really enjoyed. You probably can guess what we did. We went to the museum! It very.... Interesting. At first. Some of the pieces really just looked like someone had some left over paint and went 'SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT' all over a piece of canvas and called it art. But, unlike most art museums that I go to, I decided to really look at the paintings. Why is this painting so special? What is it that stands out? What am I actually seeing? Those were questions that I constantly asked myself as I walked past sculptures, paintings, rocks that had smiley faces carved into them, a tower of buttons, 3x3x3 cube of tooth picks and pins. It was really very cool!
By the time I reached the end, I was feeling very happy about all the art that I had seen, and happy that I had actually taken the time to look at as many pictures as possible.
Anyway, I guess I didn't have enough time to write this post as I thought I would, because I have to go put my luggage in the car! We're off to Berlin today, and have reservations for a ferry at 11:15. Don't want to miss it!
I miss all my friends and family. :)