Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tag sechts - Chapter 4...

Today I was able to let this computer sit for 4 hours and uploaded 27 (less than half of the original amount) pictures from only Thursday. I already described a bit of Thursday in my last post, so I won't go into much detail. Let's just say that no one was really up until 12, and we didn't do anything until dinner time. It was quite a relaxing day! :)

Sitting reading an e-mail Thursday afternoon, trying to figure out what my reply will be while Talia holds my camera captive. That sneaky girl....

I was sneaky right back! Talia is head over heals in love with a certain game that I have on my iPod. Temple Run. :P She ran it out of battery TWO. TIMES within the span of two days.

Later that afternoon, Talia and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. It was quite refreshing, and was my first venture out into this strange new world without a supervisor....

I thought this house was really awesome. It would have been even more awesome if there had been no gray pole!

This is small Lutheran church a couple of blocks away from Debby and Dennie's house. It reminds me of World War II Germany in Medal of Honor!

When we all went out for dinner, we passed this fountain on the way to the restaurant. It was very... Interesting!

Sitting in the restaurant 'Bier Bezel', which means Beer and Prezel's, waiting for our food.

This is what I received! I know it looks like a pizza. But... It isn't. It's called a... Something or other thingy muhjig that tasted really good. I can't remember the name! :( BUt, alas, it was really good and scrumptious and I couldn't finish it all so I had it for dinner the next day.

This is Talia's dinner! Salad and homemade pasta with mushroom. It was very delicious!

Did I mention that Talia loves my camera? She stole it while we were eating and took a ton of awkward looking pictures of me eating. I decided to share this one, as is describes how yummy my pizza-look-alike tasted.

After dinner, we went out into the 'Platza', town square, and explored!

There was a HUGE. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL cathedral in the square, and I could only capture little bits of it since I was standing right next to it. This was it's clock tower.

This building was a little ways down from the restaurant and was the only building in on the street that survived World War I. It's so big and beautiful and amazing and AAH!!!


German ice cream is good. :3

These two bronze mice made there home on a pedestrian bridge that crossed over the river.

This is the closest I have ever been to a swan. It looks so beautiful, graceful, and peaceful. However, never. ever. ever. ever. Judge anyone or anything by their looks.

And that, my people, is all I have. :( I will upload more pictures tonight so they'll be ready by tomorrow morning (or.. midnight.. Whichever way you want to look at it ;). I would have posted more, but I did not have time to edit all the pictures I took in the dark, to bring up the brightness so you could see what I was actually taking a picture of!
I'm having a good time over here. :) Miss y'all! 
Tomorrow I journey to... DENMARK! But don't think that you'll get any pictures of Denmark for at LEAST another two days. I will be summing up the rest of Germany as best as I can on Sunday morning. Be prepared for a whole 'nuther book... or two... ;)